Small Groups

"To know Christ and to make Him known through relationships."

 As a Small Group Ministry, we at Greenbrier Community Church focus on building strong Christian relationships through caring, listening, encouraging, and teaching. At GCC, a Small Group is a place to promote, build, and live out the concept of Biblical community. The most compelling rationale for small groups is the picture of Jesus as a small group leader.GCC Small Groups usually consist of 3-12 people who meet on a weekly basis in the homes of its members. Small Groups are places to know and be known; to love and be loved; to serve and be served; and celebrate and be celebrated.  It is a place where meaningful relationships can be nurtured. Members are free to serve according to their gifts, and new leaders are developed.

Small Groups


Gary Edwards Contact Gary

Couples & Singles


David Gibbs Contact David

Couples & Singles


Andrea Bartlett  Contact Andrea

Couples & Singles


Rick Volz  Contact Rick

Couples & Singles

Joseph Mayo and Justin Kopp

Young Adults




Brian Long

After Seven:14 Student Ministry, 5 to 7pm


David Duggan Contact David

Couples & Singles / All Ages, Evenings, Rotating Homes


Steve Vause  Contact Steve

Adult Couples and Singles

Mark Brinster Contact Mark

Adult Couples and Singles



Bill Saddler  Contact Bill

Adults, 6:30-8:30pm, Home Based


Jeanette Newton  Contact Jeanette

Adult Couples & Singles

Scott and Becky Maccubbin Contact Scott

College/Young Adults, 6:30pm, Home Based



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