GCC Core Values

Every local church body has a set of distinctives that set it apart from other local churches in the way it carries out its purpose.  At GCC, we have identified eight areas that are key to the accomplishment of our purpose to Redeem the Lost, Restore the Broken and Resource the Poor.  We believe they identify us as a unique local church.  Each individual within the body of Christ has a distinct personality, talents, spiritual gifts and a slightly different approach to serving Christ.  GCC members are deeply committed to the following core values, which unify us to accomplish our purpose.

1.  God loves lost people and so do we.

 2.  God pursues a close personal relationship with all people and desires each 
      of us to become His fully devoted follower.

 3.  God's Word shared with God's power transforms lives.

 4.  Each thing our church does will be biblically sound and culturally relevant. 

 5.  Small Groups are foundational for:
            a.  Spiritual development
            b.  Building loving relationships
            c.  Meeting personal needs
            d.  Encouragement and accountability

 6.  Every Christian is uniquely gifted by God and called to serve with 
      excellence according to their giftedness.

 7.  The acceptance of all people is the pattern for Christians.

 8.  God heals hurts and brings wholeness to life

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