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Love God. Love People.


We’ve moved our giving service from PushPay to Subsplash!

By switching services, we are able to simplify giving, save costs, and put more
of your donation toward fueling our mission. The church will save money in monthly costs, and both the giver and the church will save in giving fees.

Although all giving options remain available, we want to let you know
that ACH transfers are even cheaper at Subsplash than credit/debit cards.
Please consider changing from credit card to ACH if you are not current
ly doing so.

Please sign up for Subsplash giving below in the new portal
and stop giving through PushPay.

We are so thankful for you and your continued participation and support of

Greenbrier Community Church.


Please let either Roger (757-788-1207) or Scott (757-515-9200) know

if you have any questions or issues!

Our New Subsplash Giving Portal

Enter the amount of your giving, then you may change

the frequency and start date of this gift.

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