Becoming Connected to the GCC Family

As Christ followers, we are invisibly linked to all believers, past and present, in the body of Christ.  Our membership in Christ’s church is full and unbreakable.  Joining with a local church makes that bond visible and allows us to move from the abstract concept to the concrete practice of faith.  Joining a local church provides every believer a place to carry out God’s individual plan for his or her life.


At Greenbrier Community Church, the full connection process involves four steps:


During this event, people will learn about the history, purpose, mission, and values of Greenbrier Community Church.  These are the things we believe make us unique among the churches serving our community.



For 6 weeks, you will join others who are also interested in connecting with the GCC family in a discussion group to gain a clearer picture of the characteristics of GCC and your own spiritual maturity.  This process will intentionally foster the building of relational community with others. 



The next step is simply to affirm your commitment to Christ, your own spiritual health, and to the life and health of Greenbrier Community Church. This is done by signing a Membership Covenant.



After you have committed to membership at GCC, a time of ceremony and celebration is scheduled for members to share in your decision.


Your connection with us is very important and we are delighted you have chosen to start the journey toward membership.  We look forward to the day we can celebrate your decision to enter a covenant relationship with us to carry out the mission and purpose of GCC.  We understand some people will not be ready to go beyond the Contact or Connect steps to reach full membership.  That is completely acceptable. If you have concerns or are just not ready to continue your journey toward membership, you would still be wholeheartedly welcomed to continue in regular attendance at worship, small group and other church activities.  However, we believe your continued connection with us will eventually lead you to fully commit by completing the last two steps of the process.  When you are ready, we will be ready as well.

GCC Memebership Covenant

Having accepted the free gift of God’s grace, and wanting to join Greenbrier Community Church…   

• I will protect the unity of my church by:      

• Acting in love toward other members

• Refusing to gossip 

• Respecting the authority of the leaders 


• I will share in the responsibility of my church by:

• Praying for its spiritual growth and the needs of its people

• Inviting the unchurched to attend

• Welcoming those who visit 


• I will serve the ministry of my church by:

• Discovering my gifts and talents

• Developing a servant’s heart

• Serving where God leads 


• I will support my church by:

• Attending faithfully

• Living a Godly life

• Giving regularly 

Greenbrier Community Church

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