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Virginia’s Phase Three Guidelines for Churches

  • Occupancy is limited to no more than 50% of the lowest occupancy load on the certificate of occupancy of the room or facility where the service is happening. 

  • Those attending services must be seated at least 6 feet apart at all times, excluding family members, who may be seated together. Virginia defines family members including blood relations, adopted, step, and foster relations, as well as all individuals residing in the same household. 

  • It’s recommended that those at services be encouraged to wear face coverings over their nose and mouth at all times 

  • No items may be passed to or between attendees who are not family members 

  • Any items used to distribute food or beverages must be disposable and used only once and discarded 

  • A thorough cleaning and disinfection of frequently contacted surfaces must be conducted before and after any service 

  • Signage posted at the building’s entrance that states that no one with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, or known exposure to a COVID-19 case in the prior 14 days, is allowed to enter. 

  • Signage posted to provide public health reminders regarding social distancing, gatherings, options for high-risk individuals and staying home if sick

 Guidelines for GCC

  • All attendees, adults and children, will take part in our Sunday Worship Experience in the sanctuary. 

  • Handshaking and other physical greeting is not recommended. 

  • People attending worship are asked to distance a minimum of 6 foot from other people attending.

  • The center doors into the sanctuary will be used for entering only.

  • Exiting the sanctuary will be done on the two outer doors.

  • We ask that when service is over, you exit the building and commune outside the main doors.

  • There will be Tithing and Offering boxes at the entrance and exits to the Sanctuary. Remember that you can give online through the website as well. 

  • There will be multiple locations with hand sanitizers and paper towels throughout the Foyer.

  • Still feeling unsure about attending our service live, we understand!! We will still be streaming our service where you can continue to watch from home. 

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