Every local church body has a set of distinctives that set it apart from other local churches in the way it carries out its purpose.  At GCC, we have identified eight areas that are key to the accomplishment of our purpose to Redeem the Lost, Restore the Broken and Resource the Poor.  

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The GCC Belief Statements summarize our beliefs as a church.  We stand behind, and hope to share these central elements with all who come to GCC.  The Belief Statements, along with the Mission and Purpose, guide our decision-making, determine our priorities, and inspire us to action.  We have concentrated our beliefs on Christ and His message as found and supported by Scripture.



At GCC we believe that baptism is a tremendous privilege and an act of obedience to Jesus Christ.  Baptism by immersion is a great way to show your connection to the Lord. Your baptism also strongly symbolizes the connection you have in God's family with brothers and sisters in Christ. 

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